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Rip Tool for UV editing
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Mesh edit mode has a rip tool (V-key in edit mode). The same functionality would be nice to have while editing UVs (unweld).


Differential Revisions
D1761: unstitch/unweld T37880
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I'm considering taking up the task as my first entrance into helping develop blender's code base. Quick question: what key should the action be bound to? The "V" key is the "Stitch" operation in the UV editor. It could be the "U" key, because it does do act as an "unweld" operation of sorts, as brecht said.

U key seems reasonable to me. It doesn't really matter much at this point, people can suggest different keys in code review if they don't like it, it's easy to change.

Alright. Since I'm new thought, and we are on the topic of changing keys, I want to confirm some of my knowledge from poking around the code. It looks like the key inputs are set via the "WM_keymap_add_item" function, as defined in "WM_keymap.h," and are used in each editor's "ops" file (e.g. "uvedit_ops.c", or "editmesh_ops.c").

Is that all right?

@Suchaaver (minifigmaster125), you are still working on this task?
I asking because I want to working on this task, of course if no one already working on it.

@Karpov Artem (bitstat) not at the moment; school is taking up more time than I would like. You can go ahead with it.

Hello, I noticed that this task hasn't been touched in awhile so I thought that I could do it. This is my first time contributing to blender. I created a patch (Diff 5955). Sorry if I went about any of this in the wrong order.

Thanks in advance for any feedback. I hope I can contribute to such an awesome project!

I would like to try this task. Thank you!

Hello, I've been taking a look to the code and I would like to go for this one. It is unassigned right?

Edit: Is this already done in D1761?