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problem with alpha channel
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System Information
Win 7 PRO 64 bit and quadro FX 1700

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.63-2.69
Worked: not working

Short description of error
I am trying to save a raster image file from composite in blender with alpha channel. So I have two images to do it. The first one is a color image and the second one is a B&W image that will be an alpha channel for color image. I made a node setup as it is in attached file. I thought that the final image alpha will be the same as the original file, but it is not. I tried also doing the alpha channel from the color image by using the node RGB to BW but it also fails. I do not know if I am doing something wrong or it is a bug
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
blend file is enough



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The problem here is that the Blender compositor works with a premultiplied alpha standard, while this setup gives it straight alpha. Some information on that can be found here:

To create an image with premultiplied channels, you can use a Set Alpha node to put the alpha alongside the RGB channels, and then use an Alpha Convert node to convert straight to premutiplied alpha.

I did what you have adviced, brecht ( if I understood you well). But the problem still occurs. The final alpha channel of the image after connecting file F.png and F_a.png is not the same as the original file F_a.png. If you could set the right node setup to achieve the expected result I would be grateful.

Ah, you also need to set the color space on the alpha input image to non-color or linear I think, otherwise it is assumed to be sRGB but alpha is not actually color data.

THANK YOU BRECHT :) I changed the color space of alpha input and it works as expected. Now I can go further...