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design changes for info space
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The info space in Blender has a different purpose than other spaces do. While most spaces have a lot of areas that you can create things in, the info panel is just a menu with a few global type actions that can be performed.

The info space seems to never be configured in different layouts. it's always at the top. It seems to serve as the anchor for the application so people know how to navigate around.

Here is a quick mockup that I did for an improvement. I have heard other designers talk about a "common" area below the info menu where more context sensitive settings and options can appear. The configuration ability for the info space would be hidden in python.

I think doing something like this solves a few current issues.

  • eliminates the confusion with editors that are right below the info space
  • helps reduce the amount of buttons in the space headers. The buttons are hidden sometimes with smaller editor windows.
  • removing configuration of info space makes it appear more as the primary navigation

In the mockup, the "3D" would be contextual options based off of the areas. If there isn't a 3D space open, those options would not show up. It could also show options for tools when they are selected

I don't think this has been discussed explicitly before. Thoughts?

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But what would be displayed in the second info panel row if you don't have opened the 3D view but the video sequence editor (as an example). Or what would be there if you use some different things? For example the Node editor, UV/Image Editor and the Graph Editor but not the 3D View.

If I understand it correctly, it would just pick one editor and display it's setting bar in the second row of the anchored info panel.

Sorry for my bad english.

I think it is confusing if the options are divided in two areas.

@lonarn - The menu is partially contextual, so if you don't have a 3D editor open, it won't display any 3D options. Things like Scene and layout selection will always be visible.

There is no "picking an editor". Any options in it would be used across all editor windows. For example with the grease pencil tool, you can't have two different line thicknesses in two different editors. Changing one automatically changes the other.

It is more grouping together properties that always have one context.

Your proposition is similar to idea that came up in this task: T37450
I suggest to merge topics and discus this in one place.

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✘ Merged into T37450.