Model Renders Black in BGE via Multitexture
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System Information
System 1:
Comp: Dell Vostro A860 (2008 era laptop)
CPU: Intel Celeron 560 @2.13 GHz (single core)
GFX: Intel GMA 965 (drivers up to date)
OS: Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit SP2
RAM: 3.00 GB

System 2:
Comp: ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1-GR (mid-late 2013 tablet/netbook)
CPU: Intel Atom Z3740 @1.33 GHz (quad core)
GFX: Intel HD Graphics (GPU goes by Rouge according to GPU-Z, unsure if drivers are up to date)
OS: Windows 8.1 32-bit
RAM: 2.00 GB

Blender Version
Broken: 2.67b, 2.69

Short description of error
Model renders black with specularity in BGE via Multitexture. I'm not sure if something is wrong with the model or if it's the usual Intel being Intel w/ it's crap OpenGL support. Singletexture works fine on both systems, GLSL only works on System 2 due to an unresolvable driver issue on System 1.

Attached are some pics demonstrating my problem:
System 1:

^Viewport Muti/Single-texture
^Mutitexture BGE
^Singletexture BGE

System 2:

^Viewport Multi/Single-texture (are they supposed to look the same?)
^Multitexture BGE
^Singletexture BGE

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open Attached .blend file. Pick Multitexture shading and press P (to start the Game Engine).


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Model renders invisible in Multitexture BGE on Blender 2.67b.

Recently tested the scene on another system w/ Blender 2.69, I got the same results (model renders black in multitexture BGE) as the other two systems. The comp was not an Intel system so there is either something wrong w/ Blender or my model.

Specs of System 3:
Comp: Acer AX1430G-UW30P (2011? era entry-level desktop)
CPU: AMD E-450 APU @1.65GHz (dual core)
GFX: AMD Radeon HD6320 Graphics (drivers are up to date)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
RAM: 4.00 GB

After a bit messing around w/ the materials and texture settings I've noticed some issues:
-Setting a texture's blend mode to multiply or add makes the material black in Multitexture BGE. (I can't mix my v-cols w/ textures if this doesn't work)
-Setting an texture's mapping coordinates to normal makes the material a yellowish-tan color in Multitexture BGE.
-Setting a mix texture makes the material shadeless.
-Hemi lamps work like point lamps unlike GLSL (viewport & BGE) and (from what I noticed) Singletexture BGE.

Is this how Multitexture supposed to work?

materials are more your way! I don't really know how things are 'supposed' to work

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I confirm the bug, blender 2.76.