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Rendering in command prompt wont start on right frame
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Windows 7{F64397}

blender 2.79

when i try to render my animation using command prompt i would tell it to start at 682 but when it starts it says it stating at frame 1365 I checked if this is the actual frame or if it just says that but it does really render at 1361. I rendered other frames to see if there is a pattern and it seems that for the most part it would render the frame that is doubled the desired number plus 1. for example if i said 455 it would go to frame 911. this error does not seem to happen with any of my other projects so i don't know if its just the blend file or something else.

i would use the basic code for rendering a file in command line (there is nothing special about it, I use it for all my projects)
when it starts where it should say Fra: 682 it says Fra:1365.

please inform me if there is something i can do to fix this because im rendering this animation and I can't complete it if it wont render at the correct frames.

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There's a scene strip in the video sequencer that is influencing this, if you remove it things should work as expected.

I'm not sure yet why it's doing that though.

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Thank You so very much. I really appreciate your help.
I removed the strip and it renders correctly now. I feel like an idiot for not thinking that removing the strip would do anything.

P.S. I still wonder why the strip would have this effect. if you find something about this can you inform me? thanks again you have saved me.

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Ok, so what happens is that the -s and -e command line options set the start and end frame in the scene. Now the way the scene strip in the sequencer works is that it automatically starts the strip at the start from of the scene. So the scene strip gets offset as you change the start frame of its scene.

This is pretty confusing if you have a scene strip of the same scene in the sequencer, usually you would add strips with other scenes. The behavior could be changed, but doing that would break backwards compatibility and I guess it's not strictly a bug.

that makes sense. I'm still not sure as to when or why I added the sequence strip in the first place but I'm glad you spotted it and was able to help me. I would have never known that I had a strip in there and that it would cause the offset when rendering a section of an animation. Thank you again for your help.