Rigid body, crazy f-curves after bake to keyframes.
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System Information
Windows 7 ultimate, Ge-Force GT 430

Blender Version
Broken: 2.69 hash: 2328f94
But also on official 2.69.

Short description of error
Baked data form rigid body simualtion have crazy rotation f-curves. They are so crazy, that baked simulation can't be used.
It look's normal, but f-curves are bad.
See attached jpg.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Plane divided into glass similar pieces, a ball hitting this wall and pieces falling down.
Blend attached.
This is a big problem for our internal script to export data for our android application. But the error is Blender based.

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Yeah, this is a known problem when baking the simulation to keyframes.

You could try using the euler discontinuity filter operator in the graph editor, but that won't work in all cases.

I'll have another look at this soon.

Will this problem be solved?

I have a workaround, but the bake action operator, seems not working for many object's.
Take please a look, and as a developer can You tell Me if baking multiple object's is possible?
Concluding options in this operator (bake action) it should be possible, but at least in my case it doesn't work.

Topic on blenderartists :


I believe this problem (with baking from rigid body) isn't only important in my case, but also in rendering motion blur. I don't test it, but f-curves like this must generate problems.

Anyway, hope You can at least help me with the "bake action" operator, for all or selected object's.