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FSLG Lightning Generator. Lightning/electric-arc mesh generator using laplacian growth.
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I've updated the FSLG Lightning Generator to again load as an Addon. I changed the scene properties to window_manager properties. Also adjusted the UI a bit. Sorry for the long delay updating this addon. Sorry if this is a double submission from the earlier version but that page was closed and I wasn't sure how to
Here is a link to the Addon page.

And here's a link to the original tracker page

Addon files are attached.




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Hi, as I understand it Addon maintainers commit their updated scripts directly to the repository, no one is doing that for them. This addon is currently in the Blender Addons Contrib repository, so I would expect the new version to be committed there directly, and any documentation to be put on the wiki page for the addon?

Some documentation about the Addon process and using Git to commit code:

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hi, thanks for the update & fixes, it seems to be working well. sorry for long wait for reply.
Currently this addon along with many other contrib addons need repair also as they don't take into account tabs & become messy in the ui. it's needed to add this: bl_category = "Create" in the menu bl types. this will keep it clean in the correct menu.

hi, I've updated the addon for 2.71

updated in contrib.
sorry for long delay

closing as resolved