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PLyczkowski's Icons
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The SVG with the icons can be downloaded here: These icons are under the CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 license (just as Andrzej's icons), so anyone can modify them and expand upon them. This file will get updated as I will continue to work.

If you post modified icons, be sure to provide the 16x16 version, because it's the tricky one.

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The top row are icons for the Edit mode toolbar. From left to right they are meant for: Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, Duplicate.
Second row are the viewport controls, Pan, Rotate and Zoom.
The bottom row is an alternative color scheme for the toolbar.

Feedback please.

Icons for viewport controls look good.

Move and rotate from the toolbar are too similar to viewport controls. For move, rotate, scale I'd suggest using the same icons that are used in the 3d header for the manipulator widget. I wouldn't pay attention to their different forms (buttons in a panel vs. widget in the 3d viewport) but focus on the end functionality they give to the user - translate, rotate, scale. Seeing it's the same end functionality, the same icons make sense.

I think, that the icons should have all the same size. I don't get the "dot" in the scale and rotate icons. The arrow head size should be consistent. The "arms" of the arrows are sometimes thicker than the "body" and sometimes thinner. Arrows pointing at the lower right corner are percepted as negative ("going down").

I did a quick mockup to illustrate what i mean. I'm not entirely sure about the direction of the extrude icon.

@Michael P. (forest-house) Thanks for that, I like those mockups. Especially Extrude and Duplicate look much clearer. I'm not sure if I will be able to fit all that in 16x16 though.

as a user!

i think that plyczkowski's icons are easier on the eyes for move and rotate, they also confirm with the concept (grey for old state highlighted for the modified state), and forest-house's icon's for scale, extrude same but orange (see the pic).
but for the duplicate maybe you could do -after your remake-:

and sorry for the bad icons as inkscape is so hard to work with for the 1st time :)

also they should be orange to communicate the same as the edit mode.

I actually kind of like both colors together. Its a bit Portal-esq. Would make a great default theme to have orange = edit mode, with blue = object mode.

Anyways, I think those are already very readable. I love the use of the dot. It visually communicates the action. Also agree with the slight change with the extrude and duplicate as they make better use of color and composition to show the action. The two arrows circling in on themselves is used far more often as the "refresh" logo. Sometimes its nice to have some uniqueness in the way of icons if and only if they are equally intuitive, which I believe they are.

Just a thought: would it be terribly difficult to be able to modify icon colours in the themes settings? Since it's SVG it should be pretty straightforward as long as the icon sheet is read as an SVG in blender and not as images, right?
It'd be (at least) two states with a main colour that's changeable but some colour does not change in the icons (those would be the complementary colours to standard blue and orange and used to diversify the icons).
That way we won't have to decide on colours. Trading one problem for another perhaps :)

@Daniel Vintersvärd (Hemlock) Not possible - the SVG is only used during compiling as far as I know.

Ah, yes...

Too bad. :(

BTW, does anyone know what the "icon file" input line under themes is for?

@Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski) I couldn't open your SVG file from google drive in Illustrator -- it threw me at least 5 errors. Anyway, I couldn't find which icons are you working on right now (except the Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, Duplicate, Pan, Rotate, Zoom -- are these ready yet?).

So my question is: is anyone working on other icons? Can we create a list (maybe we already have one, I just couldn't find it) for the available and already-designed icons? What are the ASAP ones atm to provide a better look-and-feel in version 2.70 ?

@Peter Varo (petervaro) It's made in and meant to work with Inkscape I'm afraid. Maybe you can export it from Inkscape to ai.

already-designed icons

There are no already-designed an approved new icons, maybe except the viewport pan, rotate and zoom controls. If we have more, we can create a list.

which icons are you working on right now

I'm not really that comfortable with making icons, had a shot at it because no one was doing them. All the icons I'm working on are posted here, but anyone can design them in parallel, and we'll choose the better ones. So go ahead.

What are the ASAP ones

I would say the tab categories, and then Edit mode and Object mode operators.

@Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski) I think we definitely need a list like this (or even better):

category -> icon namework-in-progressapproved
3D View -> General -> Pan@Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski)pending...
3D View -> Interaction Mode -> Object Mode-DONE

Why? Because ofc as you said:

...but anyone can design them in parallel, and we'll choose the better ones. So go ahead.

we can do this. However this is very contra-productive and inefficient, since we don't have a full set of icons in the first place! So it would be a way better approach not to work on the same icons at first, but try to fill in the gaps. Ofc that doesn't mean, they will be accepted automatically, but at least we will have one from everything and we can say, we have to work on this or this a bit more, etc...

@Peter Varo (petervaro)

This is a good idea, but as I said, this couple of icons by me are the only new icons so far, so organization is not a problem at the moment. If suddenly there was a flood of new icons, then yes, we should organize it asap.

Hey plyczkowski,

the link to your icons SVG in the description is broken.

And a question:
Do you know if there is a vector file with all icons used for the blender interface?
I'd like to use them as a reference for new icons. Maybe some objects can be reused.

@Tillmann Schütz (Ionarn)

the link to your icons SVG in the description is broken.

It's not, just choose File>Download.

Do you know if there is a vector file with all icons used for the blender interface?

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Archiving old task, outdated due to new icons and tool system in 2.8.