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Excess memory allocation when projecting onto object with multires
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System Information
FreeBSD 9.2 Geforce GT520

Blender Version
Broken: 2.69.10 - 456dc16
Working: 2.69 release

Short description of error
When using snap to face of another object that has a multires modifier, memory allocation continuously rises while moving vertices. I have seen allocation of 4G within one minute if vertex count is high enough.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Load factory settings
Select Cube
Ctrl-3 to add a subsurf then apply modifier (adding verts for quicker memory allocation)
Add a multires modifier (leave unsubdivided for now)
Add a new cube object
Enter edit mode and subdivide a few times
Enable snapping to face and project to other objects
Select a vertex (or a few) and move

Watch blender's memory usage in the info header
At this stage memory usage should be stable.

Exit edit mode and select initial Cube
Click subdivide in the multires modifier (repeat for speed up)
Return to Cube.001 and enter edit mode
Grab a vertex and move

Watch memory usage increase.

The more vertices in the object with a multires the quicker the memory allocation.

On quitting blender I also get a message like --
Error: Not freed memory blocks: 41848

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