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Addons use old links for bl_info['tracker_url']
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Short description of error
Links for addons are outdated, they still point to and

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
The tracker_url defined within every addon's bl_info still points to

It also appears that a good portion of the wiki_url pages for addons still have links listed for download current version. (is that only contrib?) and have been running for over 2 months now, I think we should look at updating the addon links ready for the 2.70 release.



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Cleaned up a lot of bl_info dicts and commited edits:


  • Removed unnecessary spaces (more PEP-8 compliant now)
  • No trailing \, because it's not needed here
  • Removed 'api' field
  • Removed ancient __bpydoc__
  • Nice-ified some version numbers, descriptions etc.
  • Removed white-space in empty lines in some files

Moan if I broke something!