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Bevel Edges Roundness mistakes: angle wrong with meshes that have faces with different measures
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System Information
Operating system: Win xp sp3
Graphics card: Ati radeon HD 5400
Blender Version: 2.69.7 60995

Create a beveled or round edge of exact 5mm radius.

Bevel works exact with edges between 2 faces with the same dimensions. But if the dimension of faces is different problems come out.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the problem

**Ref to attached file**

  1. Insert a cube
  2. Enter edit mode pressing TAB
  3. Select an edge
  4. Press Ctrl+B
  5. By the keyboard insert 0.05. This is the bevel radius (similar to autocad)

This works correctly and generates a correct beveled edge with the 45° angle, as needed:

**Ref to attached file**

  1. Insert a cube
  2. Scale the cube on z axis only untill obtained a 2*2*0.1 mesh
  3. Enter edit mode pressing TAB
  4. Select an edge
  5. Press Ctrl+B
  6. By the keyboard insert 0.05. This is the bevel radius (similar to autocad)

This does not work correctly and generates strange beveled edges without the correct 45° angle needed. The angle of the resulting beveled edge is different depending on the dimensions of the two faces dimensions that meet at the beveled edge. so the bevel result is almost inexistent:

**See the yellow edge into the attached files and compare with the other attached file**
As you can see the angle is not of 45° in the second mesh.

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Sorry for double post but editing the original one is not possible for me:
The following attachment is the blend file I used to simulate the bug I forgot to attach it to the original post.

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Thanks so much.
Hope this will be solved before the release of Blender 2.7.

Any news about this bug?
I tried the newest version of blender (2.71) but this bug seems still present in there as well as in the 2.69.

My apologies, I don't want to appear inappropriate. I'm just curious to be up to date or informed on timing about this.
Thanks everybody for your work.

Sorry to jump in here, but I don't see this as a bug.
You must either apply scale before doing bevel or scale in edit mode.

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Hi, Joel mailed the list and this is indeed not a bug, we had this reported before, its common misunderstanding (modifiers are executed without object transformation applied in most cases.

Thanks for checking on this, closing.

@Jennifer Godin (jenniferblender)
Thanks a lot! Your suggestion worked like a charm and has solved my problem!
I didn't know about Ctrl+a to apply the scale. Well I didn't know that I had to apply the scale neither...

Any way, I read to learn how to bevel but here is not included your suggestion. This is because I was going out mad to work around to bevel edges but this solution is awesome! It could be a good idea to add this clarification to the online blender manual at the page I linked.

Thanks so much really!!!

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