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Feature requests for THIS web site
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I beg you to create here, in this web site, a section for new feature request.
Having a centralized place where to report with developers and bug correctors will be very affordable.
It will be really appreciated because the structure of this web site is better than the a mailing list that is pretty uncomfortable.
Thanks for comprehension.



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Thanks for the suggestion, but developers simply do not have the time to manage feature requests in this way. See here for how we have decided to handle them:

Oh ok. Thanks.
Hope at least it will be possible to login there with the same login data used here. It is problematic to menage more and more different accounts...
Any way thanks.

william willybid (willybid) reopened this task as Open.EditedFeb 27 2014, 5:08 AM

I'm sorry, I had just registered to the mailing list as suggested above but I'm sorry for me it is incomprehensible to understand how the mailing list and related threads work. Is there any one that has the same problem out there?
I don't understand how developers have the time to read those thread there: for me the mailing list for new feature request works very strange and it is a lot messed up.
I continue hoping to add the "new feature request" feature to this web site as a sub section or similar.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) closed this task as Invalid.EditedFeb 27 2014, 6:31 AM

This website has one very clear purpose: to organize actual development work. If we start allowing arbitrary feature requests that takes away from this focus, and leads to long discussions about features that someone might work on, but most likely will not. It is important for the development team to have a place where they can focus on getting work done without too much distraction.

I understand it can be frustrating, but the simple fact is that the number of feature requests is orders of magnitude higher than what developers can handle. Developers are already in constant contact with users, they are not lacking in feedback and feature requests. So that kind of discussion is left to less organized channels like mailing lists, and developers can decide which discussions they want to engage in or ignore.

This is really not the right place to discuss this kind of thing, if you want to propose a better way to organize development work (and especially volunteer to organize it) then the right place for that is the mailing list.

I'm sorry I don't want to appear polemic but yep it is a bit frustrating to have 2 different places organized in a different way to report bugs and advance new feature requests. IMHO it would be better to have just one place for both things.
It will be better, when a user come here to submit a new post, to have a combobox with two items: "Bug Report" or "New feature request".
The web site will organize the rest automatically.
This is enough to optimize search queries for developers or debuggers.
Also "this" web site is ""... so it means it is for developers too not for debuggers...

My idea is:

organized at the same way. In this case a shared database could be useful because a user or admin or mod developer etc will have just one account to manage both aspects for blender developing and debugging.
Infact the new feature request and management is, imho an important par of the organization of "development work".

I'm sorry for my frankness but one place for both things is what usually is done by serious organizations to do such things. For example phpbb organizes both developing/ new feature request and debugging in different section of the same forum. A user registers once and has access to both features, clear and simple.

Blender is an absolutely serious (and IMHO fantastic) multi purpose application and having this mess makes it problematic and not ergonomic to handle it... in fact IMHO the actual situation could disorient people. I repeat I'm sorry for my frankness.

Hope this will evolve in the future for a better organization.