Feature request: Outward deflection for Bevel tool
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Working: Beta hash b53f3f10

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This is a feature request for the new Bevel command that is coming in 2.7

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Currently the bevel tool can only flatten the edge. Supposing that I have added a few edge loops in the beveled area (by rolling the mousewheel), I can adjust the "Profile" control to only SINK these edge loops.

Can the tool be modified to make these loops BULGE also? For example, instead of having the range 0-1, the new range could be -1 to +1. and 0 means no beveling at all.

With that, the edges will look as if the cube has all sides welded together, and the bulge looks like the solder fillet.


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Currently the range bevel tool does both bulge and sink if done on an edge that is between two faces that have an angle between them (that is, the faces on either side of the edge are not coplanar). Are you asking for bulge and sink in the coplanar face case?

If you look at the bevel from the end, along the edge being beveled, and imagine the parallelogram formed by the beveled edge, the two displaced edges along the adjacent faces, and the mirror image of the beveled edge, then the current bevel tries to keep inside that parallelogram. This is hard to explain without a picture, and it is a bit hard to understand your request without a picture. If you aren't asking for bulging out beyond that parallelogram (which indeed would be a feature request), then please show me a picture of what you would like.

Hi, we have a policy to not handle feature requests here, as noted on the report a bug page:

What not to report here

Feature requests, see the developer contact page

If Howard wants to turn this into a To Do task for the Mesh Modeling project that's fine, but generally we immediately close feature requests in the bug tracker.

Yes, I was going to make it a TODO, but I wanted to find out what the request is before closing this task. I think I know, but am not sure.

oops! I posted this suggestion at PlasmaSolution's (Thomas Beck) SneakPeek video for the new bevel command, and he directed me to contact Howardt. I assumed it must be through this website. Sincere apologies!

However, from Howardt's response, this looks like a bug, not a feature request:

I simply tabbed on the default cube to leave all edges selected, and then tried this tool. So all the faces do have an angle between them. But the beveling is only "shrink", both at the edges and at the corners. At one extreme of the control, the beveling effect disappears entirely, and at the other extreme, it creates deep sunken edges/corners. But there is no bulge in any of the modes.

Yes, in addition to resolving this bug, it would be nice to have a bulge/shrink at the seam between co-planar planes. It would be useful in modeling chocolate bars (where there are "scores" between fingers), and crystal glass (where there are scored designs).

Desired parameters: variable depth of the cut, variable angle, variable width.


I guess I was not clear about the idea: At present the beveled surface does provide a convex shape (apart from the concave groove). However, it cannot leave the bounding box of the original shape.

So the spectrum varies from deepest concave groove -> flat bevel -> convex bevel -> original shape (no bevel).

What I proposed is useful to model piping on clothes, pillows, furniture cushions (e.g. sofa, padded chairs), handbags, luggage bags, etc.

I have created a movie to show this idea. Please have a look.

We understand each other now. Thanks for the movie.
The current tool is working as intended (staying within the bounding box of the original shape, as you put it), but I can see the uses of your proposed extension.
I think this needs another parameter, one that controls the distance that a bevel moves outside if its bounding box. We are too close to the 2.70 release for me to add this now, but I have put it on the TODO task list, and will now close this task.