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Add visual hint for Multi-Number Button Dragging
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The multi-number button/value dragging feature needs some kind of visual indication to show users that they can drag vertically to affect more than just the current value.

The visual hint should show while click and hold and while dragging vertically. The hint should disappear once mouse moves horizontally beyond multi-number threshold.

Design and Development

I will create the mockup for visual appearance, followed by implementation by @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton)

Release notes:



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Can you give an example of where this is used?
Sorry, I'm just trying to think of where vertical value dragging works but I can't think of any :/

What about a button on right hand side of each input like in modo where you can click and set the values to be equal or proportional or free.


X: 12m
Y: 6m
Z: 3m

Equal - will change the state of each icon for each input field and the following input will make X,Y,Z the same.

Proportional - Pretty obvious, you get 24,12,6

Free - Change individually.

Difference between current mode, is those value setting buttons remained locked once you set them unlike current solution.

I think that it should be discrete but visible like the big arrow for "Join Area" operator.
A kind of little grey arrow in the field under the one you click.