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Cycles F/stop number soft limits are too high
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System Information
Nvidia GTX 460

Blender Version
Broken: a0f25f2

Short description of error
The F/stop number setting for cycles DoF in Camera settings > Depth of Field > Aperture will not go below .1 without keybard input. I personally find this rather annoying as it makes setting shallow DoF values awkward.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open blender
  2. With the engine set to cycles, try to slide the F/stop number down by clicking and dragging
  3. It stops at .1



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Ellwood Zwovic (gandalf3) set Type to Bug.
Ellwood Zwovic (gandalf3) created this task.
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Real world cameras almost never have an f-stop smaller than 1. So I wonder why you would commonly need such low values? For example if you have a 50mm or 5cm focal length, f-stop 0.1 would give you a lens diameter of 25cm. That would be quite a strange looking camera.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) claimed this task.

Looking into this further, I think the existing range is reasonable. If you set such low values then the result won't look anything like a real world camera. You can manually type in those values, but they give strange render results.

Brecht, I think that both of you have very good points.

Relative to the question, "Is this real and does it mirror the physics of reality?". Then, I have to agree with you.

On the other hand if Gandalf3's intention is to achieve an 'artistic' Depth of Field effect then I have to throw my vote behind him.

I've attached some files to support my view. In my opinion they are all reasonable in terms of animation production.

This is why we have the soft/hard range system for values? You can go outside of them if you want to, but you might first consider tweaking the camera distance, focal length, etc. if you want to have the camera behave like a real camera.

Would it be possible or reasonable to implement sliding values outside soft-limits when a modifier key is pressed?