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Texture mapping display bug
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Windows 7 Professional 64-bit w Service Pack 1
ASUS nVidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 DirectCU Mini

Blender 2.69 - r60995

There is a texture mapping display bug.

See attached file: “clip mask display bug.blend”

In this file the texture has been mapped onto the UV's of a flat plane.

The texture was also reduced in scale so that the image does not extend to the edges of the plane.

The texture mapping was changed from 'repeat' to 'clip'.

It will be seen that the render of this file is correct, but the display in the 3D view does not show the effect of the texture clipping.

The 3D display will also not display changes to the settings of 'crop minimum' or 'crop maximum'.

The 3D display will also not display changes to any settings related to the normal 'repeat' texture mapping, including number of repeats and mirroring in X or Y



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The GLSL viewport only supports a subset of the material and texture properties, some of the properties you used are currently not supported. Ideally it would support everything but that is not considered a bug at the moment.

It doesn't matter which type of viewport I use - GLSL, Multitexture or Single Texture - the display problem remains.

Yes, only the renderer supports these options, no viewport drawing mode does.

OK, then I understand. Thanks for lookin'.

Kind of sad, actually. Might be nice to implement it in the future, but I know you guys have enough on your plate for the moment. ;-)