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Blender crashes when selection faces after new boolean modifier
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  1. Create cube and text
  2. Add bevel, extrude and resolution for text

(file step1.blend)

  1. Convert text to mesh
  2. Select cube, add boolean modifer, select difference operation

(file step2.blend)

  1. apply boolead, delete text mesh
  2. select cube, press tab
  3. activate FACE SELECT - blender crash

Simple open step3.blend and press FACE SELECT, blender crashed

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I'm not a programmer, but I did have a look at the bug files. I have noticed the following:

The letter 'T' is still in text-curves format when you are applying the boolean operation. And, yes, it does produce problems in this form.

I went back and instead converted the 'T' into a normal mesh.

What I see is that the conversion from text-curves into mesh produces a 'dirty' mesh result. If this unedited result is used in the boolean operation then, yes, you get problems.

Instead, go into edit mode with the converted letter 'T' mesh. Use 'remove doubles' (removes 32 extra vertices) and then recalculate the normals. If you use this edited result for the boolean operation you will receive acceptable results that don't freeze Blender.

Judging from these files, the boolean operation is probably OK.

On the other hand, the text to mesh conversion might need some attention because of that 'dirty mesh' it produces.

...And this will certainly be a potential problem for all users who attempt this same operation in this same way.
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