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failure for boolean effect of text in plate
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ubuntu 12.04 radeon6570

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Deformed a little text with the bezier curves. Afterwards converted them to a mesh. With modifier made it thicker. When putting it down into a plate. 30 percent of the letters don't give their "print".
This is my first bug report. I try to include the thing with the "upload file icon". Is that ok?



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Examination of the mesh text object ("Jazzerette") reveals non-solid geometry.

The form is not closed and there are extra faces hanging off of the mesh at certain points.

In articular, look at the area where the tails of the two Z's cross each other.

Look also at the area where the tail of the 'a' meets the top of the first 'Z'.

I believe this is preventing the boolean algorithm from working correctly.

Look to the attached file, jazzerette3.blend. Here it is working. However, it took extensive editing of the text mesh object to make it right.

There is one final observation:

Blender does not seem to offer enough mesh cleaning algorithms to make locating and correcting all of this bad geometry an easy task.

I would urge the developers to work on this. ;-)

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Resolved.Feb 21 2014, 6:25 PM

This is a known limitation of boolean modifier -- it only works with closed manifolds. Not considered a bug, more like a TODO.