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Render slot freeze and label issues.
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System Information
Windows 8
Latitude E6400 Laptop with Intel Centrino 2.

Blender Version
2.69 4e7be5a

Short description of error
I rendered my scene in Cycles. I wanted to change the render slot for my next render to compare a difference. I clicked the button that says Slot 1, but it said Slot %t|. After that Blender froze. I could use anything else on the computer, but nothing inside Blender, although I could still minimize, or close it.

In short:
Bug 1 - Label naming issues with the render slot.
Bug 2 - Froze after clicking the slot button.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Just render a scene in either Internal or Cycles, then try to change the slot. It should freeze everything up.



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That was fixed a few days ago, please get a new build from