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Screencast Keys Addon does not display keys or clicks during transform
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Version: 2.69 official (win 64)

How to reproduce: Open Blender, enable "Screencast Keys" addon, and click on "Start Display" in the properties side panel.

Notice that if you press G to transform an object, the addon correctly shows that you pressed "G". However, during transform it does not display any other clicks or keystrokes. So, if you press G to grab, and then press X, Y, or Z, it will display that you pressed the G key but not X Y or Z. It will also not show any mouse clicks during that transform.

This makes the addon much less useful. If someone watches my video tutorial, they will see that I am pressing G to move an object but they won't see any of the other keys I need to press to transform it properly.



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✘ Merged into T37865.

There's all kinds of keys that this addon misses, it's really just a hack, you might consider using more advanced screen recording software. I've merged it into another report now which has a more detailed list of issues.