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Reset 3D View
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Reset 3D View is a simple plugin that resets the views of all open 3D view windows back to a default view. This is handy for situations when you have navigated yourself away and want to center the view at the starting point again. It helps with the orientation in the 3D space.

The wiki page can be found here:

Kind regards Reiner 'Tiles' Prokein



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It is a really useful addition IMO. It could be improved code-wise, but I wonder if it shouldn't rather be implemented in C like the other camera view related operators. It could even use the initial camera perspective and distance from user's startup.blend, or factory settings if prefered (I'm in favor of user-configurable startup.blend).

Leaving this up for a Blender dev to decide.

Thanks for the support CoDEmanX. I would have nothing against a C implementation really. Would make me even happier to have this natively in Blender instead by a plugin :)

This kind of functionality I wouldn't do as an addon (or if done as an addon it might belong to a collection of related functionality),

However Im not really sure this is so useful? - you can always press home key.

All views in blender could have some way to reset back to their defaults, but typically you want to have the view frame the data or the selection (Homekey or Numpad .).

Closing, however I don't want to discourage addons which improve viewport functionality, this just seems too trivial a change to be bundled into an addon.

Thanks for having a look at it Campbell.

It is very useful for such a small thing. I missed this functionality. That's why i made it at all. It exists natively in trueSpace since eons. And i already got some happy replies from users that missed this functionality too :)

From a developer point of view the plugin couldn't be small enough for me. It was my first Blender plugin. So of course it is very small. But the biggest software is made of all those small things. And when a functionality improves a software then the size doesn't really matter. I don't have a bundle of scripts yet where i could add this functionality.

For the functionality itself, it is a difference if i frame a selected object, or if i can return to a default view. The object to frame may be at another location. Or i have navigated myself away and don't know where is back and front anymore. Like in a big terrain mesh. Starting from a fixed default view makes things much easier then. And i use the reset view regularly in trueSpace. And now in Blender too.

I would of course also be happy when i wouldn't need to write a plugin for that. But since i don't know C and am no Blender dev to put it into the trunk then, this is the only way for me ;)

Just curious, "closing" means that the plugin does not get hosted at the Blender server, right? Wiki relies at Blender links mostly. Do i need to remove it from the Wiki then?

It can stay on wiki as external addon of course!