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Modal input feature appears to be missing from 2.70 test builds
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Version: 2.70 test release (win 64)

I apologize if this is already known, but it appears that this feature is not implemented in the 2.70 test builds that were released yesterday. When transforming an object by entering a value, the header display does look different, but does not accept any math operators or letters. To reproduce, try transforming an object in the 3d view by entering a simple math expression (2*6, 100+73, etc.).

Did this feature simply not make it into this particular build, or am I using it incorrectly? Again, I apologize if this is the case.

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There is a note on the wiki:

Did not touch to how values are shown in header when modal numinput is not enabled (would do that in another commit), so this is still quite inconsistent.

This might explain the results I'm getting. But if Modal numinput is not enabled, where exactly does one enable/disable it?

Try the "=" key, there were recent changes here.

@Bastien Montagne (mont29): Time to update the wiki /release logs I guess. :)

Thank you, @Thomas Dinges (dingto). I tried the "=" key but it has no effect.

Does not seem to work on layout that doesn't have a dedicated = key, but = is produced with eg shift-0.

Yeah, known issue with non-EN keyboards, we do have many shortcuts that do not work... :/

Will add '*' in addition to '=', should do the trick for now (and update release notes of course, too).