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Vertex slide does not work. Shift+V and pressing "G-G" does not work.
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System Information
Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS. Graphic card: Intel 4500M GMA

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.69.11 Hash: b7fa08f

Short description of error
When I just want to use vertex slide on a cube in edit mode, the vertex slide only goes in one direction. The official test build also has the same vertex slide problem.

Just go to to the default cube and go to edit mode and pick on a vertex and try to use vertex slide on it.



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Working: 2.69.0 r60995 - Broken: Hash b7fa08f

I have noted the same problem. The vertex will slide only in the direction towards the position of where the mouse cursor is when the keyboard shortcut is pressed.


I note that there is another bug in behaviour which is linked to this problem.

This is as follows:

After moving the vertex in whatever direction is allowed, try to alter the 'factor' setting in the options panel. No matter in which direction the vertex was originally slid along an edge that same vertex will now always jump to an edge slide direction on some edge most closely points towards the bottom fo the screen.

This bug is found in both versions of Blender I tested.

Org issue has been fixed already…

@Ignatz (ignatz): please make a new report for new bugs, one report per bug!

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