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Text cursor is off by 1 in "number buttons"
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System Information
Debian AMD64, 8 GB ram, Radeon HD

Blender Version
Broken: current master, noticed in january
Worked: 2.69

After clicking on a number button (e.g. to change the render resolution), and then clicking between the digits, you should notice that the text cursor is shifted by one to the right.

PS: (unrelated to this report)
Clicking on number buttons where you enter the rotation in degrees, there is alway a 'd' attached to the number.
I think the '°' sign is enough to know the number is in degrees.
It is great that we can enter angles in radians or degrees now, but why should the 'd' show up every time I click on the button?


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Prefer not to mix in unrelated commends in reports, just confuses things, the behavior you notice is intentional since unicode characters aren't easily edited when writing math expressions.