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Bone Roll Calculation creates very unexpected results.
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System Information
windows 7, nvidia

Blender Version
Broken: (example: eb4f2b4 )

Short description of error

Bone roll is going bananas when rotating a bone that has local Y aligned to global Z axis. I can add a blend file if necessary.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Create an empty scene.
  • Add a single bone
  • enable axes display (in Object Data properties)
  • go to front view
  • verify that bone roll is set to 0
  • now "r" ...

The bone rotates instantly (jumps to) about 45 degree along its y axis, and bone roll jumps like crazy.

I expected:

  • bone roll remains at 0
  • bone does NOT rotate along its y axis.
  • bones Z axis flips such that it always points "as upwards as possible".

Go on as follows:

  • rotate the bone by 90 degrees so that its local Y axis points to global X
  • set bone roll manually to 0
  • now rotate the bone slowly by a total of 180 degrees.

The bone no longer rotates along its local Y axis(expected). While the bone rotation goes from 0 to -180, its bone roll goes up to 90 and then lowers again back to 0. And the local Z axis flips when stepping over the 90 degree angle (expected).

I expect:

  • bone roll remains at 0 all the time.



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