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Problems with ATI graphic card
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System Information
Win xp sp3

Graphic card and GPU
ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series 1 GB RAM

Blender Version
2.69 60995)

Short description of error
I have the Graphic card above I bought to use with blender but I cannot see any option to use the GPU instead of the CPU to do the work. Is there any bug in blender to configure my type of GPU or is just the GPU incompatible with blender?

This is the installed GPU:

This is what Blender sees



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This is known limitation - currently, ATI (AMD) cards only support OpenCL, but their OpenCL compiler does not work with Cycles code… We are trying to work this out since years now, but for now you won’t be able to use your GPU for render (It might work for compositing, though).

Any way I usually use blender render not Cycles

@william willybid (willybid) the only reason that option was added was because of cycles :P nothing else uses it