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Translate with explicit axis and amount malfunctions as soon as I add a unit
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System Information
Ubuntu 13.10

Blender Version
Broken: Official release 2.69.0 r60991, Official 2.7 RC (hash 19f7f9a), as well as my local build of 2.7 RC (hash 4ce7d5c)
Worked: I thought this was a no-brainer, standard workflow of mine until recently, which would mean it had actually worked both on the official 2.69 release as well as on my current local build. (Logically that of course does not make a whole lot of sense, but there must be some explanation i guess ...)

Short description of error
Essentially, translating with explicit amount on an explicit axis (G + X/Y/Z + 123.456) works, but as soon as I try to add a unit (e.g. cm) things go wrong.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Load up default startup scene / Load factory settings
  2. (Optional: Set units to metric in the scene properties)
  3. Select the default cube
  4. Press G (translate)
  5. Press Z (lock on Z axis)
  6. Type "1cm"

As soon as I hit "c" the following things happen:

  • The modal information text in the 3D View header changes from "D: 1m (1m) along global Z" to "Dx:[1|] = 1m Dy: NONE Dz: NONE (1m)"
  • Visually, the axis lock on the Z axis (as represented by the blue line) vanishes
  • Visually, translation is now happening on the x axis (no red "axis lock line" is seen however)
  • The "c" was otherwise ignored (does not show up in the 3D View header text) (pressing it again yields nothing at all)

My best bet at the moment is that this is somehow related to the python script interpretation feature that was added to explicit transforms. However, assuming a point of view that says "'1cm' is not a valid python expression, thus it is understandable that this does not work - It's a feature, not a bug!", I'm still left wondering why the axis lock is discarded, translation axis is changing, etc.



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Using units never worked here, until 2.70. As for current behavior, please read release notes (

Oh whoops, that explains a lot ... Still I don't see why the axis lock is discarded on pressing 'c', but for the time being (RC bugfixing and all) this is probably neglectable. Thanks for the quick response!