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2.7 BGE: No collisions detected with parented rigid body object
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System Information
Debian jessie/sid, Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)

Blender Version
Broken: 2.7 19f7f9a
Worked: 2.69 r60991

Short description of error
A collision sensor on an object, which is parented to another with the Set Parent Actuator (with parenting the object before the game starts it works), does not detect a collision with another Rigid Body object. It worked fine in 2.69.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Add an object and set physics type to Rigid Body
  • Add a property
  • Add two other objects
  • One to be parented and collide: Add an Always sensor with a Set Parent Actuator to it and set the Parent Object to the third object. Add an collision sensor with an end object actuator so the object should end on collision with the first object.
  • Arrange the objects that the first and the second object will collide (with an animation or something)
  • Run the game

Here the same in a file:

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I confirm the Bug in 2.70. In 2.69 it worked.

Systems tried:
Windows 7 64 bits/ Nvidia Quadro 2000
Opensuse 13.1 64 bits / Nvidia 240 GT

I think I fixed it in D446. It's my first bug fix, so maybe someone should review it.

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I open this bug because it is not resolved yet