Keyframing animation layers in NLA doesn't work
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Ubuntu 13.10
Intel® Ivybridge Mobile

Blender 2.7 and before

Good morning.

In the NLA editor, When you put an action on the top of another action, and when you want to edit the action on the top, the key inserted record the cumulated position given by the two actions in the edited action, which make refining actions difficult.



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Would not consider this a bug, but assigning to Joshua to get its advice…

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This is actually a known limitation hat I've been planning on removing for a while. Solving this requires some changes to the NLA eval system that would also fix another known bug. There are just a few details of that I haven't finished fleshing out - but once that's done, we can make these changes.

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thank you for the answer

Hello guys.

Me and Aligorith investigated it a bit again. And we found that Additive Blending mode is buggy.
Additive Blending distorts Rotations. I guess rotations are distorted at half.

it looks like this:
if (AdditiveBlending) {
Rotation = Rotation * 0.5;

The file: