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Full crash when hitting crtl+D to duplicate all the objects from a layer.
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System Information
Windows8 Quadro 2000

Blender Version
broken: 2.70 25ad7b4
Non broken: 2.69 official release

Short description of error

In a blender file, in witch theres multiple scenes, with multiple objects some parented some not
some times if I hit "a" to select all the objects on a layer then "ctrl+d" to duplicate my selection blender
does not duplicate the objects, instead it crashes with no warning, its instantaneous dead.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I have been trying to reproduce the error on a simple scene but I have not been successful, the problem
is that scenes where this has happened to me are work files meaning they are under NDA, so can't
share the files, the structure of the files is that each blender file has multiple scenes within each file,
children and parented objects and extensive use of the layers to organize each scene, I also use
grouping on the out-liner to organize the files and to be able to select things with ease.

Since I copy objects from one scene layer to the next frequently while working this crash has became my
worst nightmare, making me lose hours upon hours of work, my step are as follows.

hit "a"to select all the objects on scene on layer 1.

hit "ctrl+d" right away to duplicate all my selection

blender crashes.

Some times I select all and hit ctrl+d and blender does not
crashes so I haven't been able to figure out what combination of
variables causes this problem.

Also to work around this problem i save each time I want to duplicate all the objects form one layer
to the next, and also i found a way to counter the error, it no a solution but I might shed light as
to what part of blender the problem is located at, steps to counter as follows.

hit "a" to select all the objects on scene on layer 1

instead of hitting "ctrl+d" right way I click on one object form the scene to deselect it,
then i reselect the same object.

after this I hit "ctrl+d" to duplicate

blender duplicates all the objects and does not crashes.

I hit "m" to move the duplicated objects to the desired layer.

Let me know if you can find where this problem is located,
It's been horrible to work like this, as I'm in constant fear that
I might lose my work unexpectedly.

Thanks for your time

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Can you upload a file where this happens? (just use proportional edit with random - for eg to make the file unrecognizable).

Also, try running blender with command line argument -t 1 so we can tell if this is a threading problem (this stops depsgraph from running threaded)

Bastien Montagne (mont29) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

Hi one thing on all the text above each time I write ctrl+d i mean to write shift+d you probably already figure that out but still
my brain got confused while writing.

Hi I was able to isolate the bug, now do this steps exactly as i wrote then
(i made sure I wrote the correct hot keys this time sorry about that)
this is one hard to nail bug, if you do anything else besides
the steps I wrote the bug hides and it appears as if you can duplicate
meshes with no problems, its a really sneaky problem this one.

broken: 2.70 25ad7b4

load the blender file.

just hit "a" to select all on the current visible layer, that is layer number 12.

hit "shift+d" to duplicate the selected objects.

blender should shut down immediately.

let me know if where able to replicate the behavior


Thanks for the report - was in fact a simple fix.

Double checked there aren't any similar oversights in the code.

Thanks for fixing it! It was a real pain working with this bug, really thanks so much for fixing it.