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Disappearing text objects.
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Win XP 32 bit SP3. NVidia 550TI

Build a2ffd8e

After rendering Layer 1, text on Layer 2, or other Layers becomes invisible, until tabbing into edit mode.

blend included, but very easy to reproduce.

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I can not reproduce this. My steps were:

  1. Open file
  2. Press F12 to render
  3. Press Esc to go back
  4. Press 2 to go to layer 2: The text is visible without going into edit mode

Tried: Win 7/64, 2.70 build 2d4de27 and WinXP/32, 2.70 build 2d09977

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Can’t reproduce either… Smells like graphic driver issue, did you try updating yours?

Texts objects missing after rendered

I can recreate the invisible texts on Win7-x64 with GTX560ti (latest driver)

Step 1: make 2 layers, layer1: any object (to be rendered); Layer2: text objects, long and short ones (not rendered)
Step 2: render only layer 1
Step 3: go to layer 2, texts objects should be missing, only origins remain.

Text will still pop back up if you toggle in and out of edit mode. But if you have many text objects, it will be tedious. I have tested on file from 2.69 to 2.70TB1/RC1/RC2, and files created on 2.70TB1/RC1/RC2, problem persist.

OSX 10.9.2, iMac w/ ATI Radeon HD 4850

Following @WK Bong (lightbwk)'s steps and starting with a new file I can confirm on both 2.70RC1 and RC2.

Yes, now I was also able to reproduce it. Don't know what was the difference to the first time when it worked. Demo video (36 s):

Ok, can reproduce it with several text objects indeed (

). This smells like curve cache update issue, maybe? Sergey, ideas? ;)

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