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Scale problem in exporting files
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System Information
Win 7 x 64

Blender Version
Broken: 2.69.10 6dafb89
Worked: -

Short description of error
The problem is in exporting files to other formats like collada, fbx and obj. In blender the scale is set as 1.0 metric, so centimeter is 0.01m in transform panel. When you export file from blender to collada and import it to 3dsmax, the inner scale of mesh is 100x not 1x- I mean, when you, for example, do extrude in 3dsmax by 1cm in value panel the real extrude goes for 100cm. You have to do xform( like apply scale in blender) to make it works fine. The same is with exporting to fbx. No matter what scale you set in blender and then in importing panel to 3dsmax the problem exists. Only exporting to obj format from blender in scale 100x ( or in 1x scale and then importing in 3dsmax in 100x scale) causes the problem does not occur any more.
There is also problem with smoothing faces in collada and fbx format. Like shading you set in blender like shading you get in 3dsmax. And you cannot change it in 3dsmax unless you add edit poly modifier to stack but then you lose instances. And again it does not occur in obj format.
Collada is the best format in exporting files because it saves instances and parenting. But problems mentioned above make it difficult to work on. On the other hand obj format makes exporting/ importing the least problematic but loses important things like instances, which is very useful and mandatory in architectural work.
I do not know where is the problem. In blender, in files' formats or in 3ds max.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error