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Regression: Auto perspective fails when switching from {front, side, top} to camera view, and then to user persp.
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Broken in version 2.70 RC2 (win 64)
Working in version 2.69 stable

How to reproduce:

  1. Open Blender and enable Auto Perspective in the user preferences
  2. Rotate view in user perspective using MMB
  3. Choose an orthographic view (numpad 1, 3, or 7) in the 3D view
  4. Go to camera view (numpad 0)
  5. Use MMB to go back into user perspective. Notice that in 2.70 RC2, the view switches to user ortho instead.

It seems that leaving Camera view with MMB does not switch back to user perspective if the user was in front, side, or top view before they went into camera view. This causes unexpected results and defeats the original purpose of Auto Perspective.

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