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Applying Laplacian Deform as a shape key breaks the original mesh
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Version: 2.70 official (win 64)

How to reproduce:
Inspect the "Worm" mesh and apply the laplacian deform modifier as a shape key. Notice that applying the modifier leaves behind the messed up basis mesh. The shape key created is relative to that messed up basis.

Expected Behavior:
Technically, this IS the expected behavior! But it's not useful. Applying the Laplacian Deform Modifier as a shape key should restore the mesh to the original shape to which the modifier was bound (in this case, a perfectly straight rectangular prism), and the new shape key should be relative to that original shape. This makes it possible for a modeler/rigger/animator to create shape keys with laplacian deform while preserving the original shape of the mesh.



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I’m not quite sure this is a bug, would rather say it’s a feature request… See how it’d be better behavior, though.

Will let Campbell decide!

Its true that there isnt really a good way to use Apply As Shape with Laplacian Deform.

In this case you really want to take a few things into account.

  • The rest.
  • The deformation.
  • The laplacian result.

I had a look into this and while we could add special support for this, I think in fact you want to apply the combine result as a new shape (rather then a single modifier).

You can:

  • add a basis key (the rest)
  • add a shape (the deformed state)
  • deform the first key to get some useful result from laplacian deform
  • in the shape key menu select New Shape From Mix