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mac mouse problem
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System Information
OsX maverick on MacBook pro retina 15", NVIDIA GT650M

Blender Version
Broken: 2.70 19e627c

Short description of error
when i connect the mouse and try to rotate, translate or scale an object the mouse do random movement. This doesn't happe with trackpad. I have tried with other mouse but the problem isn't solved

Video of bug



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it's similar problem but i have this problem when i select an object and i move the mouse to scalar, traslate, rotate the object

Hmm, what kind of Mouse are you using? I have no issues with older A1197 Mac mouse and mbpr 15 late 2014 and bfe29e0.

I encounter a bit lagging with my wacom too since Mavericks ( OSX 10.9 ), the orig. mouse or
trackpad is fine. I think this is due changed priorities for drivers. Aka: system supported devices work fine,
devices that use third party derivers may suffer under higher cpu loads.

This was never happening before with same setup, so seems a 10.9/outdated 3rd party driver problem.

Possible solutions:

  • use Apple device aka direct supported
  • look for OSX certified drivers for your device


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Well, sounds like it's not solvable from the blender side. Sorry! This OSes and drivers are always PITA :(