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Cannot save tree presets in Blender 2.7 64bit win 7
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System Information
Win 7
Geforce GT 545

Blender Version
Broken: 2.7 19e627c
Worked: unknown

Short description of error
Can't save presets in Sapling Add on

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. add a tree
  2. change a setting from default
  3. type in a preset name
  4. Click export preset

I get an error report that has a file not found error, and a permission error. I have a screenshot but having trouble attaching to this bug report.



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I cannot reproduce this here on Linux 64-bit, 2.7 0ebade5.

Can I send you a screen shot of the script error? I try to drag and drop it here but am unsucessful.

Ok. How do I get the text from the error? The error message dialog opens, and goes away as soon as mouse moves off it. Is there an error log generated by the Sapling add on?

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I will try the use terminal thing. Meanwhile, here's a screenshot of the error:

The addon uses its own presets system which shouldn't be saving presets here.

This is an error in the addon and its use of paths.

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We've got separate tracker for the bugs in addons.

hi, testing in blender-2.70-362b25b3-win64
The addon is currently completely broken.

The create tree no longer creates branches but straight splines from the pivot point.
Also the Ivy Gen by the same author is broken, it will create the initial ivy but creats a single spline for updates.
There are no console errors, that said, I have not run Blender in debug mode.

Trumanblending has not been active for some time now, if there's a specific api change curve/object creation that you could point me too, I would try to get it fixed.
I was involved with Trumanblending during the writing of both Sapling & Ivy Gen which was was a full port of the original ivygen app.

Looks like there is some issue with curves API in general, SVG import is also broken (with similar symptoms, see T40124)…

hi, I cannot confirm this,
Successfully saved & loaded preset.
Blender ba1acec 2014/05/19

hi again.
As a follow up, I ran several tests loading & saving presets with no errors.
I did find some limitations in the sapling's built in preset system, this was to do with some menu types not saving, but nothing that caused error or crash.
I have seen in the past similar errors where the Windows User does not have admin rights they can be cut off from program files.
I'm not sure if that's the case here, but I was unable to reproduce any error with file paths.

Same problem for me under Win7.
Solution: Run Blender as administrator and problem is gone. Maybe the ability to set custom folder for presets would be a good solution as well...

Hello, it's not clear if @Marek Moravec (marek) (or who opened this ticket) "installed" Blender under Windows or used the zipped version. If it's been installed then you might try to uninstall and clean any traces of Blender and unpack the zipped version in a folder outside the \Program Files and \Program Files (x86) directories, set/change rights allowing read/write/modify starting from and including this Blender installation directory as well as everything below it (folders and files). If the problem is due to a lack of permissions then in this way it should work.

Being the Sapling's presets saved inside the "...\2.71\scripts\addons\add_curve_sapling\presets" directory, the user shall have the proper rights set (or inherited) on this last folder and related content to be able to save a preset file.

I faced this issue, in very few occasions honestly, with daily builds downloaded from the b.b.o and I fixed it as described above. I run only the zipped version of Blender and never installed it under Win7.

✘ Merged into T38495.

Having issues saving presets with tree in Blender 2.72b:

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

add a tree
change a setting from default
type in a preset name
Click export preset
I get an error report that has a file not found error, and a permission error. I have a screenshot but having trouble attaching to this bug report.

Just like the main post above. What should i do?

@Ivory Ballard (Ivory), Perhaps submit a new bug report so maintainer get's it.

Well, I can save the preset, access it until I close the file, but then it's gone.