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Text fields in datablocks editor are broken
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System Information
Ubuntu 14.04.

Blender Version
Broken: 2.70 f7d06cdb6b
Worked: 2.69 release

Short description of error
Fields (buttons) with editable text and dropdown buttons in datablocks editor are broken in 2.70. Some of them can not be edited, some of them lead to crash.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Switch outliner to datablocks editor.
  2. Expand Cameras -> Camera
  3. Try to edit Name -- fields like this are uneditable in datablocks UI (were editable in 2.69).
  4. Look at Type, Composition Guides and Sensor Fit dropdowns -- no text is these fields. Try to set them -- still no text.
  5. Scroll down and single click Dof Object field -- the list of objects is empty.
  6. Double click Dof Object field -- blender will assert at string.c:117, BLI_strncpy(), at 'maxncpy != 0' and crash.

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I cannot confirm the assert here but the other points are valid.

I forgot to mention that this assert is visible only with debug builds. Asan crashlog:

Note, I dont think its correct to resolve in ui_textedit_set_cursor_pos, probably this button should be made to work like the one in the camera buttons window.