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Bevel issues with big/small meshes
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System Information
Window 7 64bit GTX 680

Blender Version
Broken: (2.70a )
Worked: (2.69)

When apply scale in big or small object bevel create artifacts

whit the default cube scale it at .0001 and after CTRl+A abd apply the scale enter in edit mode and try to bevel one edge, if you increase the number of step, the profile don't change and stay flat, with bigger scale it work better but flicker the flat/smooth profile while changin the dimension of the bevel





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I can’t really confirm that, please attach a .blend file.

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Thanks, can confirm the issue.

Odd thing is, once a vertex is “completely” selected, it is rounded... @Howard Trickey (howardt), maybe some kind of threshold regarding edge length?

maybe I have scaled a little bit small than before and try now, when you arrive in the middle of the bevel lenght you can see it switch from plane to smooth, really strange

Is there any progress on the switching between flat plane and curved bevel on small scales ? Can we do something to help fix the problem :)

No progress, sorry. I am limited in the time I can work on Blender right now (day job, you know). I am working through Blender bugs but this one is not yet at the front of the queue.