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Cycles fails with external EXR containing Z-depth, works if packed though
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System Information
win64 i7 gtx titan

Blender Version
Fails for both CPU and GPU

Short description of error
The plane fails to render, shows in pink.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
This is a bit tricky because:
#1. if the .exr file is packed into blender then it works. So I am attaching the .exr as a separate file.
#2. if the .exr does not have the Z-depth channel then it works
The .exr is a 32bit per channel RGBA + Z-depth channel.
The .exr shows normally in the viewport.

Open the .blend file and only change the path to the file to where you are saving the .exr.
Press F12, it should render a pink plane.

Thank you.

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Bet this is OIIO crappyness. Just one more reason to make imake I/O plug-in like in Cycles and always use ImBuf subsystem? :)