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BUG: Repeat Last Does Not Work Properly in Some Instances
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System Information

Windows 7 and Nvidia GTX 550 + Nvidia GTS 450

Blender Version

Broken: 2.70a (Official)
Worked: (unkown)

Error I

Repeat Last does not remember y-axis changes made with the Shear tool.

Steps I
Select Cube. Enter Edit mode. Select all.
Click Shear button in the Tools Tab...ahem, I mean SPACE and type Shear.
Press Y to constrain action to the Y axis (relative to camera view, no z-axis available?)
Click to accept.
Click Repeat Last button in the Tools Tab. It will shear in the x-axis instead of the correct y-axis.

Error II

Repeat Last does not remember last after undoing a "remember last action". Bug in both Object and Edit modes.
Edit: Also, if you delete any modifier in the stack, Repeat Last doesn't remember that you just added a modifier as a last action. Possibly related.

Steps II
Do something, for instance, scale the default cube up by 1.100.
Click Repeat Last button in the Tools Tab.
Click Repeat Last button in the Tools Tab. Nothing will happen. Suggested behavior: Scale cube by 1.100 again, since that was still the last action. OR Undo again, since that was technically the last action. This decision up for discussion. As such it does nothing in the current implementation.

Error III

Repeat Last for an action of Solidify continues to flip back and forth between original faces and newly created faces while continuing to add duplicate faces.

Steps III
Create a plane. Go into edit mode.
Click the Solidify button in the...oh right no, hit SPACE and type Solidify.
Adjust to your liking.
Click Repeat Last.
Click Repeat Last.
Click Repeat Last. The initial solidify action is applied in exact reverse when Repeat Last is clicked, causing the same mesh to be duplicated on top of itself.
Suggested behavior: Display error: "Error. Faces already solidified."

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Edit to Error II: Repeat Last loses its memory anytime an Undo, Deletion, or Removal of a Modifier or Removal of a Material occurs, regardless of whether this affects the last object the action was performed on.

Campbell, are those glitches considered bugs, or known limitations of our undo/redo system?

(The shear one looks a bit different though, there is no 'lock axis' property in this op it seems?)

Bastien Montagne (mont29) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Apr 25 2014, 3:36 PM
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Added TODO, redo after undo fails.

The issue with redo for operators requiring the view is a known todo.

Solidify is working as expected - some actions don't make sense to redo in most cases, but better not try second-guess the user.

Also there are menu items for the actions you reference so search isn't required, No need to be sarcastic.