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Snap to edge doesn't work if constraint to one axis
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System Information

Blender Version

Short description of error
When snap to edge is active and movement is limited to one axis (by pressing X, Y or Z while grabbing), the vertex does not snap to the edge.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

. The vertex is already selected in edit mode. Press G, X and move the mouse pointer close to the edge in order to snap to it. The vertex is not snapped to the edge.



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Couldn't confirm on Arch Linux 64-bit, works as expected for me.

I can confirm the same problem , just tried on 2.70a stable for win32 and on blender-2.70-1e39046-win32-vc12, and pressing G then constraining to X and the vertice will not snap on the edge , the little target circle will snap but the vertice will not at all.

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Transform constraints are not implemented for snapping. This is a known limitation reported before and listed there

Thanks for the report, but it's considered a TODO.

Ok, I see. Though it would be cool if the snap target circle would then not be shown as it pretends something that's not there.
Thanks anyway.