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preset error when using chinese as preset.
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Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
try use this str:



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seems bpy.ops.script.python_file_run not support.

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Next time, please consider filling our report template from the start, would save everyone some time.

In case you are under windows, there is a known issue with python3.3 and beyond regarding utf-8 encoding and windows console, this will be fixed when we switch to py3.4 (in a few days).

Gah, so, we need at the very least the version of Blender and of your OS!

OS:Windows 8.1 pro chinese

Thanks, so it’s rather likely that py bug I was talking about, indeed. Since we switch to py3.4 in comming days, I’ll keep this one open, hopefully it will be fixed soon :)

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✘ Merged into T31555.