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VSE window likes to hide the sequencer when switching from "Preview" to "Both"
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Version 2.70 official (win 64)

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached blend file. Notice that the VSE window is split in half nicely between the sequencer and the previewer.
  2. In the VSE header, change the view type to "Preview", then back to "Both"
  3. Notice that the sequencer is now hidden behind the header and must be dragged back up by the user.

This is a minor bug, but losing the sequencer temporarily interrupts workflow, and can confound new users who may think their sequencer is gone forever. The UI should recall the split between the preview and sequencer sections instead of shrinking the sequencer every time the user changes views.

Thank you!



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Seems currently switching to BOTH tries to preserve size of the preview region, which is not nice at all. Would have a look here.

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It's a duplicate. I have been working on it in
I am not sure how to mark this one to reference the original one.


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✘ Merged into T35709.