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crushed blend file
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System Information
ubuntu 12.04 64bit GTX570Ti

Blender Version
watch crash report

Short description of error
used sverchok ( - you need to download it for blend file usage. from github
when you will open blend file - press update button several times, please

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
stopped animation, changed values, created geosphere (from this stage i can recreate bug while file opened), pressed F6 and reduced divisions to 1



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in blender 2.7.0a hash f93bc76
there is no such a bug!!!!!

The issue is that a draw-handler from the addon is storing a reference to a color which is freed on undo. see:

Attached callstack.

Youll have to make sure draw handers don't hold references to data in the scene (since it can be freed).
If you need to store the color, without holding a reference, use color.copy()