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Camera view naming inconsitancy
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System Information
Windows 7 64 bit, GeForce GTX 560M

Blender Version
2.70a (all versions actually)

Short description of error
I've noticed a naming convention inconsistency in camera views. Front View (numpad 1 key) should actually be named "Back View". If you hit numpad 3 - which is "Right View", you can observe that X axis points towards the camera. The same is with "Top View" (numpad 7), where the Z axis points towards the camera. With "Front View" the Y axis points from the camera, so we are actually looking at the back of the model. It matters when working with models that you have to export (for games or other apps) - can be misleading.

For example if you model a character in such a way that it will be facing the camera in the Front View, it will turn out that you will see it's left shoulder in the Right View.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Run Blender,
hit numpad 3, observe that X axis points towards the camera,
hit numpad 7, observe that Z axis points towards the camera
hit numpad 1 and observe that Y axis points from the camera and the naming convention is not preserved.

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In Blender, positive X points to the right, positive Y away from the viewer (standing upright on the ground) and positive Z points upwards. Regarding this, it's all consistent. That's by design and not a bug.

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This is for sure not a bug, indeed.

So positive X is right, and positive Y is forward, but looking positive Y is backwards.

I'd really love to hear the story of how that makes sense because to me it doesn't.

How about renaming it then? If you're not gonna look from the "Front" because that's what the view's name suggests betrayingly, rename it to "Forward", because then it'd fit again, as you are indeed just looking Forward, instead of from there.