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Blender 2.7 - can't access network paths
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System Information
Windows 7, 64-bit

Blender Version
Broken: any 2.70
Worked: 2.69

Short description
In the open / save file dialog, network paths do not appear. Replacing 'C:\' with a network drive character (i.e. W:\) yields 'Create new folder?' message which obviously fails if confirmed.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Open Blender.
  • Open .blend file.



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Works here also on Win7/64. It even works if the drive is added while Blender is already running so that restarting Blender is not necessary (only reopening the dialog).

Perhaps it helps to know that some initial work to let Blender operate in a network environment with UNC paths has been done recently even if it still lack several useful features, which will surely be implemented in the future, thanks to the developers.

rB5afb0abfbd7b: Basic support for UNC paths on Windows
Commit ·

I tested the above patch with the latest available VC2013 64bit Windows build (v2.70.5 hash: 34bc1e5) and it works as described (limited functionalities but you can type a UNC path, e.g. \\SERVERNAME\SHARE and navigate). What isn't exactly working as I would expect is the visibility within the System box list of the File browser of those network paths that are already mapped locally to a drive letter. I say it's strange because if I run also (together) another version of Blender, in the specific case the official 2.70a 64bit Windows version, I can instead view these mapped drives listed.

Each instance of Blender is always installed/unzipped into its own dedicated folder and within the subdirectory \2.70 the following folders are added to keep the environment clean: \autosave, \cache, \config, and \temp. I cannot exclude that I'm doing something wrong which leads to hide these network paths mapped locally from within the File Browser's System list.

Thanks, both. Could have to do with network permissions, as the network I'm on requires authentication. The mapped drives don't appear under the System section. Will try on another network to be sure. Sorry if it's a false alarm!

You're welcome Tom. Let see what the developers have to say because it may or may not be a false alarm since I am the Domain admin here and I have all the rights on the company's network. So, the fact that I cannot see all the locally mapped drives listed in the list of System drives in the latest build of Blender is still unusual. But, as I said, lets wait for the devs reply.

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For these kinds of issues we really need you to do some of your own troubleshooting (unless you can give us steps to redo them ourselves).

Blender can access mapped networked drives on windows (it works for me), if it fails in your setup - please investigate why, see whats different about your setup.

Ok, it's funny. This morning I started Blender VC2013 64bit (hash: 34bc1e5), the same identical setup that yesterday didn't see network mapped drives and ... they're there now. Cannot really explain it; nothing has changed on my laptop or on my company's network in the last 24 hours. So, please, disregard my previous comment on missing mapped drives, and I confirm that the above mentioned patch works as expected, with its limitations, but it works. Thanks

Ok, it works alright on a different network. I will look into my setup, it's just odd that it would work for 2.69 and then not in 2.70, but perhaps that's due to the new code... ? Will try on my home network as well.

Sorry for the false alarm! First time posting to this thing...

I have the same issue on Win7 64 with Blender 2.7. I cannot access to the network path (\\network\path\) unless it is mapped as a drive.

Same situation here, the thing is that I have the drive mapped to X, it's a local hard drive folder that I map to a network drive to have a uniform work drive.

In my case Windows 10 x64


I checked on my Win7 64bit system with Blender 2.76b 64bit official stable, and it recognizes those network paths mapped to a drive letter as well as shared folders on the network server as you can see below:

The same on the 2.77 RC2 64bit:

Hope it helps.

Weird but in the build of 2.77 RC2 I have I can't see the network drives, but I just have made a custom build with the latest code of the git repo and I can see the network drives like X: so it seems to be fixed now, at least for me.