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replaceMesh() Crashes BGE When Used on a Parented Object
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System Information
Windows 7 64-bit, AMD Radeon 7700

Blender Version

Broken: Blender 2.7 362b25b3 5/4/14

Short description of error

If you use replaceMesh() on an object that is parented to another object, the game engine crashes when closing.

It looks like it might be an issue regarding object references. If replaceMesh is called once, then the child object's mesh is replaced correctly. If it's called several times (over several children, for example), then the parent gets destroyed entirely...?

I'm also having an issue in which running replaceMesh on several different children crashes the engine when starting the engine, and not just when stopping, but I haven't replicated it in the example. I'm assuming it's the same issue.

I would guess this crash might be related to this issue which should be fixed, though it's just a guess because of the similar problems:

The .crash.txt file doesn't contain any useful information other than the Blender version.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Just press P to start the engine and see the planes' meshes be replaced with pyramids (correct), and then have Blender crash on closing (incorrect, haha).

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As usual, feel free to reassign/dispatch those bugs.

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Is this a recent issue, or did older versions of Blender also have this issue?

Sorry about that - this is a recent issue. Blender 2.70a was fine.

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