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Color circle values beyond max values.
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System Information
Windows 64 bit, GT 740M

Blender Version
Broken: 2.70

The color circle allows values between one and zero, however if you use drag and select to increase all values at the same time, you can go beyond the max value. You can also get values less than zero.

  1. Pick one of all existing color circles, no matter where, take one from preferences, material editor, node editor etc.
  2. Set one of the RBG channels to any value and keep the other at zero
  3. Multi select all channels and drag to increase/decrease value. Make sure to select the lowest value channel at last.
  4. ...

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Can't recreate less than Zero.. Maximum limit does indeed not work with Multiselect.

To recreate the less than zero one, do the same thing, then put one of the channels back to zero, redo the multi select (select the channel with zero value last), and decrease.

Multibutton drag uses hard limits of the values, not soft ones.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), remember you've been working on similar issue. Mind checking on this as well?

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If this also helps a little more, this bug seems to only work on color circles with alpha channels.

#EDIT: was wrong on this, but the only color circle I've been unable to get bug to work on is the one in texture paint panel (3d view - brush tools)