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Bevel Bug - Weird Geometry Position
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Win 8 64, 2x MSI Lightning{

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Broken: (example: 2.70, c08c931, see splash screen)
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Weird Geometry Position when using modifier. Check Blend File{F89499}

Not sure if it has been reported before but here it is.

Do I get a bonus for reporting lots of bugs in a certain section? :D I have like 4-6 so far for the bevel tool/mod



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Howard, will let you decide whether this is a new case or a duplicate of another one. ;)

In the sample scene if you change the Profile parameter of the modifier, the wild thing happens at 1.0 and 0.25 for me (better visible if you increase the number of segments). But some of the object's quad faces are not flat...

I think the complaint here is that with bevel profile 1.0 or 0.25, where the edge bevels are square or flat, respectively, then the corners are not flat or square. Is that right?
The 1.0 case is known to be problematic. There is another bug about that.
The 0.25 case: I suppose I could project the corner pattern on the the quad formed by the four corners of the valence-4 vertices, if that quad is flat. But that's a special case. In general the corner polygon will not be flat.

Yeah, moving to TODO to improve the 0.25 profile case. The 1.0 profile case improvement is already there as a TODO.