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Video Texture Auto Refresh parameter not working correctly in Cycles
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Kubuntu 13.04 64bits

I don't seem to find this exact bug listed so I'll report it. In CYCLES, the auto-refresh option for video textures is not working correctly. First of all, it doesn't work during animation playback, not in material mode, nor in Texture mode. Then, the only way to see it refresh is to select the object and then scrub the timeline... but it only works with the active selected object, not with every object in the screen.

If this gets fixed, might I suggest that the addition of Blender Internal's "match movie length" texture button, would be a great idea for cycles too?


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Will have a look a bit later today. Hopefully Brecht wouldn't steal it :)

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Checked on this report. Unfortunately, it relies on some design limitation -- namely it's not really possible to pass ImageUser (which contains currently displayed frame) from shader tree to GLSL backend. This is because shader tree is evaluated from it's localized copy which is getting freed at the time GLSL start displaying.

Possible to solve, but also possible to run into some conflicts with viewport fx GSoC project. Would have a closer look into what's happening in the branch and what's possible to solve now without causing big merge headache.

Thanks for the report, but it's a design limitation and it's being handled outside of the bug tracker. I've linked this report from